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Floyd Simeon, Founder

Floyd spent 10 years as one of the world’s top survival instructors.  The demands of which required him to work in many hostile environments and countries.  He was trained in and later became an instructor for dealing with chemical, biological and radiological contaminants.  Later working with exploration crews in remote areas of the world, his skills were often put to practical use.  Today, as one of the principals of Decon 1, Floyd has a keen interest in using his background to make government, industrial and commercial spaces safe for workers and to provide a piece of mind to the hard working people of America.

You can email Floyd directly at

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Dan Simeon, Founder

Dan Simeon is a New Orleans native who was born and raised in Mid-City and attended school there. When he graduated from High School he moved to Southern California where he pursued a career in the Fire Service. He has spent the last 27 years of his life serving the community in the fire service. He currently holds the rank of Fire Captain/Hazardous Materials Specialists. Dan has an extensive background and certifications in Bioterrorism, Weapons of Mass destruction (WMD), and Paramedicine. During his career in the fire service he has been on the front lines of some of the largest Wildland campaign fires in the history of our country both as an Engine company Captain and as a Strike Team Leader. 


When the Coronavirus Pandemic broke out in the United States, he quickly took action. He was one of the principle organizers that created his fire department's response curriculum and protocols for handling COVID-19. While implementing this program, family members from New Orleans reached out to him for advice in  sanitizing and decontamination procedures for home and work. His background in Bioterrorism and chemical warfare detection gives him a unique insight into decontamination procedures like no other. His background and passion for community service gives him an opportunity to give back to the community that he calls home, New Orleans. He travels to New Orleans multiple times throughout the year and still has family and many childhood friends. Not to mention, he is a HUGE New Orleans Saints fan who represents the west coast Who Dat Nation! 


You can email Dan directly at

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Melissa Bennett, Administration


Melissa oversees administrative functions in the office as the Administrative Manager.  She has a 12 year background in risk management. Melissa enjoys assisting her clients in managing and analyzing their business exposures, and finding solutions that best cater to their needs.  She works diligently to keep facilities, businesses and assets protected with the appropriate solutions.

Scott Simeon, Chemist

Scott has spent two decades in the field of analytical chemistry.  A large portion of his time was spent as a team and facility manager.  Today he works with Decon-1 to assure the proper handling and combinations of the various treatment options we employ to meet our clients needs.

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